Hey! Welcome to the Noshian family. We are a bakery, a coffee shop, local hub, and more importantly we offer amazing croissants and pastry.


Everything we do is home-made by us here at Nosh Plus. We roll, we bake, we mix, we stuff, we pickle, we mince, we love it and have fun!

We only use free-range eggs in our cooking!

Locals love our Bánh mì’s, made with homemade pork patty or chicken with fresh salad pickles and home-made soy dressing. Beef pies, sausage rolls, quiche and samosas are going fast too. Don’t miss out!

Coffee and drinks

We have quite a selection of drinks for every taste and time of the day – coffees, smoothies, milkshakes. Have you ever tried Vietnamese iced coffee?


Our pastry nibbles and finger food is fresh and delicious, like everything else we do. Your family and friends will love our party food both for kids and grown-ups.

Find Us

Drop by, we are happy to see you

Mon-Sat 06.00-15.00
Sun 06.30-12.30

Phone 02 9908 1939
Email hello@noshplus.com.au

49b Spofforth Street, Mosman NSW

For lazy bums out there – you can order food online with:

Their apps can be downloaded from